1 – Cleanser/ Cleansing Gel Solution:  Use with water to wash and clean face.  Wipe & dry after
                                                                   ( gently lift away makeup and impurities from the skin)
2 – Aloe Toner/  Clear Treatment Solution:  Apply small evenly onto face  ( help to minimize large pores)
3 – Cell Treatment :  Spread a small amount & apply evenly onto face & neck  (help the damage deformed  
                                      cell recover, moisturizes & reduces wrinkles & soften skin)
4 – Extra Whitening Day cream:  Spread a small amount & apply evenly onto face
                                                         (for anti-aging, stabilizer, revitalize & soften skin)
5 – SPF 100 SUN BLOCK: Apply evenly to the face and reapply as often as needed   
                                              (for protection against UVA & UVB ray)
1 – Cleanser/ Cleansing Gel Solution:  Use with water to  wash & clean face. Wipe & dry after
                                                                 (gently lift away make up and impurities from skin)
2 – Aloe Toner/ Clearm Treatment Solution:  Apply evenly onto face (help to minimize large pores & soothes skin)
                        * Below are 2 night Creams for step # 3 & # 4, avoid applying nearby eyes & neck. After some
                           applications you may feel some tightening, itchiness & redness. This is a normal reaction letting  
                           you know that product is in process of penetration & working.
3 –  Express Peeling Cream:  Apply a small amount evenly onto face. Avoid applying nearby eyes & neck
                                                (help remove dark spots, wrinkles, freckles & aging skin).
4 –  Extra Whitening Night Cream:  Apply a small amount evenly onto face and avoid applying nearby the eyes &
                 Neck  (make cell membrance transmit and excrete the melanin faster to help produce younger looking skin)